Monday, 4 March 2013

I am entering this in The ABC Challenge which is L for Love, I was challenged by "+" ButtonsforBrains to enter a few challenges. I can't resist a challenge x Norma


  1. Yay, well done. Another gorgeous creation,

    Liz x

    The google+ followers widget is not letting me follow. Could you try to add the Google Friend Connect widget -

    This is the one most people use. It's not listed in the blogger gadgets but you get a code from the link above and use the 'HTML, add third party code gadget'.

  2. Thanks you, you are an absolute treasure, I am having trouble with link will try again in the morning, when I get peace and quiet.I am coming back to work on Wednesday for a few hours in the morning to see how it goes. Can't say I'm looking forward xx

  3. This is a lovely card Norma such a sweet image, love the colours
    jacqui x

    1. Norma can you add a followers to your blog and then I can follow you x

  4. Hi Norma, welcome to blogland - it's very addictive so beware!

    A very pretty card as are the others on your blog. Will come back to see if you've added a Followers button!

  5. Hi, Norma! I'm here via Liz McGuire and I'm so glad I came, your cards are so pretty!

    Welcome to Blogland!

    love Mags B x